Cohrs biography

Andreas M Cohrs, born and educated in Karlsruhe, Germany, known as the gate to the Black Forest, I soon felt the gravity of nature when my parents traveled with me to the Alps and Southern Europe. At the age of fifteen, I began discovering the Americas, and during my professional career as a manager in music business, I combined the amenities of the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, with adventurous outdoor trips into the wilderness. Eventually, the trans-California walk became the corollary for more than twenty years of visiting the state. On my travels, I enjoy most following the paths of our forefathers. While orientating myself on my senses and geographical realities, I try to comprehend what it must have meant to those who paved today’s historical trails.

The Thousand-Mile Summer walk, the experiences made en route and the reflections I wrote about, stand for my credo about the importance of learning about our environment that includes both our natural and our human history – and oneself in interacting with it. California Serendipity became a journal well suited for demonstrating what our senses are for, including our sense of wonder, or awe.

Between writing books and articles, I am offering guided tours and wilderness experiences. An outdoors magazine described my program “Fulfill your child a dream – Fulfill your childhood dream”, featuring the Klondike Gold Rush Tour, a journey to a Caribbean treasure island, a tour across the Pyrénées to medieval castles, and hikes into the wilderness of California and the Southwest, such as in the footsteps of Colin Fletcher and early pioneers.

If you are interested in planning an expedition or individual tours, please send an e-mail to, and describe your who, where, and when and what you want to explore.

I organize tours from contemplative hiking to fully equipped expeditions.

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