The Man from the Cave

Exploring the trunkman’s cave; in the footsteps of Colin Fletcher

On one of his frequent hiking trips along the Colorado, Colin Fletcher stumbled over an old trunk in a remote canyon in the Nevada desert. Nearby he discovered a cave, finding evidence that someone had called this place home for a longer period of time. After many years of research and detective work, Fletcher wrote his 1981 book The Man From The Cave, bringing the ‘trunkman’ back to life – and a lot about American history.

Guided tour: four to five-day tour through the Black Canyon Wilderness, in search of The Cave and the trunkman’s trail to the Colorado River.

On this tour, you’ll be walking through time again to rediscover The Man From The Cave (supposed he’s still there). You are invited to join Andreas M. Cohrs on a three- to four-day hike through the Black Canyon Wilderness region to find the cave where, in 1968, Colin had found an old wooden trunk and eventually the possessions of an early 20th century prospector called “Chuckawalla Bill”.

Map_A walk to the caveAfter a demanding but manageable walk down a lonesome desert canyon, you shall arrive at the cave around late afternoon. You will stay in and around the cave overnight with time to explore the closer vicinity. Following the trunkman’s weekly route to replenish water, on the next day you walk down the arroyo to the Colorado River. On the, all in all, 14-mile walk, there will be spectacular views over one of the roughest parts of the Nevada Canyonlands. You’ll be passing outlandish rock formations, arches, fragments of a crashed aircraft, and hopefully flowers and cacti in full spring bloom. The second night, you will stay down at the river shore and have a decent campfire. On the third day, you try to get back up to the start, however, we have to consider doing it in two days with another overnight, depending on the weakest member’s condition.


If you are lucky, nature will come up with a wonderful multicolored spectacle of flowers and cacti and maybe even some tiny runlets alluring the shy wildlife of the Colorado River desert.

Date & costs: This tour is planned for three to four days in April or early May. This is the best time to explore the Mojave Desert. Usually, the nights aren’t below freezing point anymore, the days don’t hit the three-digits level yet, and chances for a visible springtime are at their best.

I would like to charge a fee from you for preparation and caches and, not least, to further fund the Camp Fletcher project. Prices depend on group size and shall not be higher than 500$. The booking includes:

  • Transfer from Las Vegas to Boulder City (25m) and return
  • First night in a hotel, Boulder City
  • Tour of 3 to 4 days, preparations, cashed goods & firewood, photo documentary

On return to Boulder City, we may stay an additional night at the hotel or – what I like to do after some rough nights in the wilderness – enter Las Vegas just as we crawled out of the wild and spend a day at the pool and a night at the casino bar. That depends on the group’s chemistry..

Happy trails, Andy

Trip schedule (ca. 14 miles)

  • 1st day          > Arrival at LV or Boulder City
  • 2nd day        > Walk to the cave
  • 3rd day         > Walk to the river
  • 4th/5th day > Walk back to Boulder City

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