Colin Fletcher's Thousand Mile Summer Revisited_California Serendipity The Thousand Mile Summer Revisited_2mCalifornia Serendipity – The Thousand-Mile Summer Revisited (Colin Fletcher–Andreas Cohrs) Lindemann Travel Books. 6 x 9 inches (w x h), 420 pages, 150 photos on 40 pages, 3 double page panoramas, 10 detailed route maps (acc. to each chapter) plus small scale map of the journey through California. Hardbound, Dust Jacket. US$ 25 (incl. handling&shipping)



Map of the Thousand-Mile Summer + set of 10 detailed hiking maps. (All maps designed by cartographer for several of Colin Fletcher’s books David Lindroth) 20US$ (incl. handling&shipping) 


Set of postcards (10 color + 10 b/w postcards from the Thousand-Mile Summer. 


Set of Memorabilia. 25 articles as seen on Memorabilia (Backpacker, Backpacking Journal, Outside, California Today, San Frabcisco Chronicle, Field & Stream, Caper etc.) total of 140 pages (4c color copies). 90 US$ (incl. handling&shipping) 

Set of Colin Fletcher photos. 20 photos of Colin Fletcher as seen on Memorabilia. 75 US$ (incl. handling&shipping) 


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